As You Wish Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at Events

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a wedding planner really looks like? Look no further, we’re sharing a little behind the scenes lowdown of an AYW planner, today’s focus: the in’s and out’s of orchestrating real weddings. We’d like to think that the guests of each event hardly notice us, that’s our goal, really- to coordinate a flawless wedding ceremony and reception for our bride and her wedding attendees that seems to flow so seamlessly, they don’t even have a chance to notice our staff.

But today, for a brief moment, were pulling back the curtain and sharing a thing or two about weddings that the guests typically don’t get to see.

For starters, we’ll introduce you to our right hand man on wedding weekends, the one guy we’re sure of, we really cannot afford to live without: our clipboard.  Before the event, we print out a nice long list of documents that outline everything anyone would possibly need to know about the event. And until the festivities commence, this beacon does not leave our sides.

Beginning the day before a wedding, we’re directing ceremony rehearsals. Guiding the bridal party through a flawless precessional and recessional, reminding them (mostly the groomsmen), twice and sometimes thrice, to smile during tomorrow’s ceremony, to position themselves towards the bride at all times, and to not lock their knees when walking down the aisle.

On the big day, we arrive as early as the first vendor to begin setting up the many elements of ceremony and reception’s decor. We’re confirming and reconfirming that all of the day’s moving parts are acting according to scheduled times; that is, the groomsmen are arriving on location, the bride is well out-of-sight from the groom, lighting specialists and florists are completing the look and feel of the reception space as previously detailed, cakes are delivered in perfect form, etc, etc.

All the while, our lead planner is at the bride’s beckoned call to ensure that she is as happy as she should be during every portion of her special day. This can entail, but is not limited to: fashion-taping odd’s and end’s of her bridal attire when needed, hemming her gown (true story, this has occurred just minutes prior to a ceremony before), bustling her gown in between the ceremony and reception, searching high and low for missing crystal hair pieces that were supposedly packed in a relative’s bag, making sure her veil is hung up and out of reach if she chooses to remove it for the reception, touching up her makeup, smoothing fly-away hairs before she makes her way to the dance floor for toasts, coming to the rescue with breath mints after she’s eaten a heavily seasoned dinner meal, and making sure her toasting glasses and serving utensils are polished for photos of the cake cutting.

As guests are arriving, we are directing them to the guest book and then their allocated seating. We are also communicating directly with the DJ or musician performing the ceremony and reception, cueing the music at all the correct moments. We’re pinning the boutonnieres onto each groomsmen’s jacket (we are in luck if the bridal party is relatively small in size, twelve groomsmen on the other hand, can leave our hands tied for a few minutes). We’re consoling confused and sleepy flower girls and ring bearers and ushering them down the aisle with the goofiest smiles we can manage. We’re corresponding with the photographer, especially if the bride has a detailed shot-list of photos she has expressed as ‘must-have’s’ throughout the day. We’re transporting ceremony props to the reception space during cocktail hour, if necessary. During the reception, we are the direct line between the bride and groom and the venue or catering directors. If the bride and/or groom have any complaints about their meal, we are communicating that to the catering staff and doing everything within our power to leave the bride and groom more-than-satisfied. We’re letting the DJ know that the next dance set should be pushed back ten minutes if the guests are still in the middle of eating their meals. Towards the end of the reception, members of our staff begin transporting luggage, belongings, and gifts to the hotel room that the bride and groom will be staying in for the night.

All in all, we are doing our darnedest to make the day effortlessly beautiful for the bride, the groom, their families, and their friends. And, we have fun while doing so!

Photo Credits: Sarah Kate Photography, Creative Shotz, Christographer, Joseph Mark Photography.