As You Wish Exclusive: The BIG Reveal, A Bride’s Reaction to her Wedding Décor

Admittedly, there are multiple awe-worthy moments on a wedding day: when the Bride first steps out in her wedding gown, when the Bride and Groom first lock eyes, when the Bride walks down the aisle, the first kiss shared as husband and wife…the list goes on. And then, one of our most favorite gasp-inspiring moments as wedding designers: when the Bride sees her wedding reception decor- that she’s dreamt of throughout months of planning and preparing- become reality for the very first time. On multiple occasions, we’ve snuck our Brides and their Grooms into the reception space before guests have been invited in for the evening, to take a “first look” at the decor and design of their special event that we’ve envisioned and anticipated since the day they first sat down in our As You Wish office. Lucky for us, photographer’s have captured these priceless reactions on camera, and today, we’re sharing some of our favorite “room reveals” from past events!

Photo by Sara + Rocky Photography


















Photos by Jennifer Yarbro Photography

Photo by f8 Studio

Photos by Bradford Martens

Photo by Allison Davis Photography

 Photo by Sarah Kate Photography

Photos by  Jennifer Yarbro Photography

Photo by Edmonson Weddings

Photo by Perez Weddings