Real Wedding: Andemicael – Pyfrom Wedding

We love everything about this fun, colorful Eritrean As you wish… wedding! The ceremony took place at Royal Lane Baptist Church and the reception continued at The Frontiers of Flight Museum–the perfect venue to accommodate the 800-person guest count!


Take a look at some of the fabulous photos from the ceremony taken by Joseph Mark Photography:


Then it was on to the reception at the Frontiers of Flight Museum!


Our favorite details:

The custom groom’s suit–created for him by one of his groomsmen! Talk about talent!


The display of the bridal cake–we love how the beautiful tall tiers are magically floating atop a lucite table. It made such a dramatic statement!


And finally, the favors at each place setting and on each table–the Honey Wine, known as Mies, is a staple in Eritrean celebrations!


Overall, this wedding was so FUN! From the meaningful and sentimental ceremony to the delicious Eritrean dinner and rockin’ dance party, the bride, groom, and guests had a fantastic experience. We were so happy to be a part of it!

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Real Wedding: McMaster – Stonebraker Wedding

The As you wish… Team loved working with Alison and Dale to design the wedding of their dreams! Alison was inspired by interesting architectural pieces so we combined that with a bold black and gold art deco design to create the perfect inspiration page for their big day!


Jonathan Ivy captured all of the incredible details of the day from the excitement of getting ready all the way to the beautiful ceremony and reception which both took place at The Adolphus Hotel in Historic Downtown Dallas.

To keep in line with the feel Allison had envisioned, Sasha Hollingworth of Pretty Little Style was brought in to do true period hair and makeup to reflect the era.


The ceremony decor was simple, yet striking, letting the beautiful Grand Ballroom speak for itself with rich gold and black accents brought in by the chivari chairs, stunning programs, and candlelit backdrop.


While the guests enjoyed a sophisticated cocktail hour, our vendors worked hard to transform the same space into the amazing reception you see below!


Stacey of The Wildflower created the centerpieces at each table–the combination of artistic floral and dramatic black lampshades flowed with the design perfectly.


The pièce de résistance was by far the stunning cake that Fancy Cakes by Lauren made to mimic an architectural piece on the corner of a building that Alison was in love with–how incredible is that?!


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Let Them Eat Cake?

 The classic wedding cake has always been a staple at weddings around the world, but current trends have today’s brides searching for new and unique ideas that will set their wedding apart from the rest!

While some brides have chosen to keep the cake but personalize it into something that’s one-of-a-kind, other brides have gone in a whole different direction. So whether you’re looking for a fresh, new spin on the traditional cake-cutting or you just simply hate eating cake (is there really such a person?!), here are a few cake alternatives to get your wheels turning… and your mouth watering!


Small Cakes

If a giant 7-tiered cake is overwhelming to you or doesn’t seem to suit the fun, laid-back vibe you’re going for, consider selecting a few small cakes that still capture the design of your wedding and give you something to cut into without breaking the bank!



For brides that are already regulars at the local cupcakery, why not incorporate that love into a tower of cupcakes! The bride below selected individual cupcakes in her favorite flavors and then had a large, specialty cupcake made that they could actually cut into. If you’re wanting to forgo the traditional “cutting,” you could simply feed each other a cupcake instead!


Cake Balls/Cake Pops/Cake Truffles

Tiny, delicious balls of cake are definitely trending right now and are an easy way to get that cake taste in the perfect bite-size piece. Set them out on display, pile them up into a cake shape, or have them served individually to each guest–everyone is sure to love them!



If the taste of cake in any form is just not your thing, get creative and serve a tower of whatever it is that makes you smile–from donuts to creme puffs, macaroons to mini-pies–anything can be stacked into a beautiful wedding-worthy display!


Dessert Stations

Last, but certainly not least, if your sweet tooth is just too indecisive to narrow it down to just one item, go full force with an all-out dessert station! Include a small cake if you are wanting something to cut into, or take your pick of any other bite-sized delight to feed to your sweetheart. Anything goes! Your guests will thank you for the awesome selection and sugar overload!


No matter what direction you decide to take, when it comes to sweets, you really can’t go wrong!

Photos by: Kym Skiles with F8 Photography, Perez Photography, Jonathan Ivy,  Carter Rose with F8 Photography, Gary Donihoo with F8 Photography,  Elizabeth Anne Designs,  Ron Parks Photography, Kym Skiles with F8 Photography


One Color Two Ways

In love with a specific color, but not sure how to incorporate it into your wedding? Allow us to show you how to take one color and create two very different looks!

Let’s use a fresh, crisp Mint green like the Pantone shade Ice Green:

To take a girly twist on romance, pair Mint with Light Pink and add a Gold metallic accent:

Are you a modern bride? Be bold and have a Black and White wedding with a hint of Mint:

No matter what your style, As you wish…can help to create your perfect color scheme!

Pictures by: Pantone,, The Pastel Pirate Wedding Blog, The Sweetest Occasion, Dream Wedding Receptions, Etsy, and

Elegant Cakes for the Budget-Conscience Bride

Allow your guests to literally get a taste of your style! Here are some tips to having a beautiful and luxurious wedding cake without breaking the bank.

Tie your cake in to the rest of the reception by decorating it with fresh flowers. Sugar flowers are time consuming and expensive for your cake designer to create. Forgo the faux flowers and opt for a fresh, cohesive look!

 Sometimes less really is more! Display a small, elaborate cake and have a sheet cake cut and ready in the kitchen for the catering staff to pass. That way, your guests can enjoy your cake immediately after you cut it. Want to take it to the next level? Ask your baker about satellite or styrofoam cakes. Bakers intersperse styrofoam layers with your real layers to create the illusion that your cake is larger than it really is. When you cut into a real cake layer in front of your guests, they have no reason to think it is made of anything but cake!

Don’t be a square! Square-shaped cakes may be visually appealing, but the distinct edges make it a bit harder to construct and it ends up costing you more. Traditional round cakes are elegant and cost efficient.

And for those that are really not that into cakes and just have a sweet tooth, skip the cake all together and have a tray of sweets available in a beautiful dessert display. This allows for variety and convenience.

At the end of the evening, your guests will have been “wowed” by a cake that you secretly saved money on. What a sweet deal!



Photos by:   Jennifer Yarbro Photography, Paul Ernest Photography,, and

Wedding Cake 101

Having a wedding cake tasting might very well be the sweetest part of planning your wedding (literally)! Here we break down the different types of cakes and possibilities – with our handy guide, take the guesswork out of cake tasting and let your tastebuds do the rest! If you need help locating a fabulous cake vendor in the DFW area, contact As you wish… we can help you find someone who is just right for you!

Cake Glossary
1. White Butter
The traditional option, and with good reason: it tastes great with any filling or frosting. For a fresh take, pair it with passion fruit or vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.
2. Moist Yellow
Just a little bit richer than white butter, it’s the second most popular choice of brides. When it comes to fillings and frosting, the sky’s the limit.
3. Almond Dacquoise
Unexpected and nutty, this meringue is a nice complement to basic cake layers like white butter. It’s delicious with chocolate, praline, or even white-chocolate buttercream frosting and filling.
4. Lemon Poppy Seed
This refreshing cake tastes best with citrus and vanilla flavors. Go with lemon curd and lemon buttercream or white-chocolate buttercream frosting.
5. Carrot
Spicy, sweet, and sometimes nutty, it’s often coupled with cream cheese icing. Experts like to serve it with caramel-cream cheese or white-chocolate filling, or vanilla buttercream.
6. Red Velvet
It relies on cocoa for its chocolaty taste and a splash of red food dye for its dramatic color. Try it with cream cheese frosting, or chocolate-hazelnut, chocolate, or caramel buttercream.
7. Marble
Not only does it look pretty, but it goes with just about everything. It’s great with fruit fillings, especially raspberry preserves.
8. Chocolate Butter
After white butter and moist yellow, this cake is third most popular. White or chocolate frosting is a typical pairing, but apricot, pistachio, coffee, or rich caramel flavors work too.

Frostings and Fillings

1. Caramel Sauce
2. Caramel-Cream Cheese Filling
3. Chocolate Ganache
4. Lemon Curd
5. Swiss Meringue Buttercream
6. Chocolate Buttercream
7. Apricot Jam
8. Pistachio Buttercream
9. Cream Cheese Frosting
10. Raspberry Preserves

images via Martha Stewart