Real Wedding: Randle – Craig

Rustic met luxury at The Four Seasons Resort of Dallas last April, and the result was one uniquely beautiful wedding celebration for our fun-loving As You Wish couple, Kelsey and Kyle! When we received these images from ever-talented photographer, A Guy and A Girl Weddings, our hearts did a little dance. First, for how stunningly the details of the wedding design translated in pictures; but even more so, for the way this bride’s joy was spread in abundance throughout the entirety of her special day. Kelsey’s taste in design was whimsical and unrefined- As You Wish lead planner, Rachel Burt, took her propensity for rustic charm and created an event that was elegant, one-of-a-kind, and displayed the pair’s lively personalities beautifully.

Some of our favorite details… Branching Out Events decked the Four Seasons with succulent-splashed floral (we will NEVER get over this altar archway!) and one killer lighting installation over the dance floor.  Chalk board signage and bird cage vessels added flair to reception arrangements. And, is it really a party without late night taco bell?! Bride and groom insisted that we have burritos + tacos for guests to munch on mid-dance party. Get yourself a good look at all the fun and check back on our Facebook page later this week for the complete photo album!

Real Wedding: McCoy – Doolittle

We have been so eager to show off this jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, right-out-of-a-dream wedding. Our As You Wish bride, Rose, and her fabulous mother, Dr. Rosemary McCoy, came to us with big dreams of throwing a once-in-a-lifetime, fun party that would blow their guests away… and send them running to the dance floor. The design scheme showcased the Pantone color of the year for 2014, radiant orchid, in all of it’s glory. Stunning floral centerpieces dripping in crystals, a custom silver dance floor, and bright, bold, sparkly table linens of varying textures- all courtesy of Jackson Durham, decked this Dallas Country Club reception in glamour.

Rose and her groom, John, were both studying to become Doctors during the planning process. Thus, having their guests transcribe a “Prescription for a Happy Marriage” on customized Rx pads in place of a traditional guest book was a precious, personal touch.

We loved this unique floor plan utilizing full-of-flair lounge furniture and chic ghost chairs for a swanky alternative to ordinary reception seating.

Talk about a party! This take on the Groom’s dessert of choice was above and beyond. A one-of-a-kind whiskey bar featuring local whiskey and the Groom’s personal favorites, complete with suggested gourmet chocolate pairings, was a huge hit!

Guests said farewell to the Bride and Groom and they made off in an adorable, vintage getaway car. It was truly an unforgettable affair! Be sure to pay a visit to our Facebook page later this week to view all of the photos of this spectacular wedding by Edmonson Photography.

Real Wedding: Thomas – Biglin

This week’s Real Wedding introduces you to a couple who shares a big love- for each other, and… the New York sports scene. Each element of Sarah and Jeff’s Crescent Hotel celebration mimicked their fun-loving personalities and their appreciation of all things athletics. Sarah came to us hoping to incorporate both modern and natural aspects of design for her wedding. In true As You Wish fashion, our lead planner, Rachel Burt, took Sarah’s vision and ran with it, crafting an event that was aesthetically sophisticated and eccentric. Take a look at how F8 Studio beautifully captured this sweet Fall day…

Sarah’s thoughtful, and tear-jerking, gift to her Dad on the big day- a softball signed by the blushing bride for his keepsake.

The Rosewood Crescent’s outdoor garden ceremony space is lovely in it of itself, so when Branching Out installed a stunning, elegance-meets-organic floral archway, the couple had an absolutely idyllic setting to exchange vows. And for an extra dose of sweetness- the Groom insisted on walking down the aisle hand in hand with his nephews: the dapper ring bearers (you can imagine the “awwwwwe’s…”).

Some of our favorite, sports-themed details: the peanut & cracker jack bar, adorned with family photos of the bride and groom and their loved ones attending sports games together as couples; the baseball bat in lieu of a traditional sign-in book- guests scrawled their names on the engraved wooden bat, leaving the Bride and Groom with a frame-worthy treasure to take home with them; and the pennant flag send-off- friends and family waved purple flags, complete with Sarah and Jeff’s names and wedding date, cheering the couple on to a happily-ever-after. Oh, and the caramel apple favors (YUM)… this wedding was a “Win”, from start to finish! For more photos, head over to the complete album on our Facebook- & don’t forget to “like” our page while you’re there to keep up with more As You Wish real weddings!

Life of a Bride: Ceremony Traditions

 There are endless ways to orchestrate a wedding celebration that is specific and unique to you and your groom. Today, we’re talking creative ideas to make your ceremony stand out.

Choosing to participate in an out-of-the-ordinary ceremony tradition transforms any environment into an intimate and personal one for your guests. We have seen our fair share of distinct traditions performed during ceremonies by As You Wish brides and their loved ones. Today, we’re sharing a tradition or two that we’ve seen for ourselves, as well as a few that we are inspired by and would love to share with our brides-to-be.

Incorporate any of the following ideas into your wedding day- you’ll give your guests a lasting memory to reflect upon, and begin a tradition that you and your husband-to-be will cherish for the rest of your lives.

The Unity Candle

Lighting a unity candle is a favorite tradition among As You Wish brides. It’s a simplistic and elegant touch to any ceremony, no matter the location. The bride and groom’s families light separate candles. During the ceremony the bride and groom unite the outside flames ,representing their separate families, into one center candle – a picture of the union formed between two families in the couple.

The Unity Wish Lantern

This tradition brings the same theme of the Unity Candle into play, but is more particular to outdoor ceremonies that take place after dark. The bride and groom’s respective parents write their hopes and well wishes for their children on paper lanterns. The pair then writes their own wish on a separate lantern. Both families and the bride and groom release the lanterns into the sky in unison. What a fresh and whimsical way to symbolize the union of two families!

Candle Lighting

This classic tradition gives all of your guests an interactive role in the ceremony. Each person is given a candle, and is directed to begin passing their flame along, beginning with the last row of guests and disseminating to the first row. Then, a parent of the bride and groom passes the flame along to the couple, who proceed to transfer their separate flames to a final, single candle. The eventual illumination is symbolic of the togetherness the bride and groom are celebrating among their family and friends who have greatly influenced their paths.

Love Letter Wine Box

This is an increasingly popular tradition that has traveled to the United States from abroad. It consists of a wine box containing two keys, wine glasses, and stationary. The couple’s favorite bottle of wine is added to the box, and the bride and groom write each other letters, sealed in individual envelopes, to be placed in the box during the ceremony. The officiant will explain the purpose of the box and the letters to the guests, and then the box is locked until an opportune time in the duo’s marriage. Perhaps a fifth anniversary, or at any such time that a reminder of the vows they took is needed.

Blessing Stones

Another unique ritual that invites wedding guests to actively participate in the ceremony, in which round, flat stones are distributed to everyone upon their arrival at the event. Each guest is instructed to write a well wishing on either a separate slip of paper or the stone itself during the ceremony. In a preferred form or fashion, whether during or after the ceremony, guests toss their blessing stones into a water-containing vessel, share their blessing with the bride and groom, and the wishful letters to the couple are collected into a basket. If your ceremony is to take place near a body of water, a neat variation of this tradition would be to have guests toss their stones into a pond, lake, or ocean. There is a multitude of creative avenues to personalize this sequence; such as coordinating the appearance of the “stones” with the wedding decor (colored stones, jewels, etc), or gathering the stones in a vessel that the couple can display in their home and reflect on for years to come.

Blending of the Sands 

There are two vases of sands present at the ceremony, each varying in color, representing the bride and the groom’s individual personalities. Accompanying the smaller vases, there is a single large vase, into which each individual’s vase of sand is poured. This succession shows that although both individual’s sands are combined into one vessel, each vibrant color is evident, just as two differing personalities are complemented in marriage.

We’ve detailed just a few of the many potential traditions you could perform during your wedding ceremony. All of them have the same end goal: to create a lasting and cherished day for yourselves and your families.

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Trending: Ceremony Backdrops

It’s the locale where you declare two of the most important words of your life, the platform where you’ll stand for the most-watched kiss you and your husband will probably ever share and well, it’s heavily photographed…

Your wedding ceremony should look like everything you dreamt it would.  A key element of the ceremony design is the ceremony backdrop, and it can take on a myriad of different appearances.  This is what sets the stage for a bride & groom’s entire ceremony.  We’ve seen a whole host of breathtaking ceremony backdrops, (some of which we’ll share photos of today) and we’re constantly driven by new ideas to create visionary settings for our brides’ ceremony spaces.  We thought we’d seize the day and dedicate a post to beautiful backdrops that have either left us jaw-dropped in the past, or are bringing us inspiration for the future.

Whether it’s an archway dripping in floral, elegant draping to frame your altar, or candle-lit radiance, let your ceremony backdrop make a statement. After all, it is the framework for the most memorable day of your life!


Photo Credits:,,,,,,,, A Guy and A Girl Weddings, Jenny Martell Photography, f8 Studio, Christographer Photography.

Real Wedding: Osman – Sheehan

This gorgeous Texas couple met in the city that never sleeps & knew it had to be fate!  Shamsia & Brad’s beautiful Dallas wedding was filled with culture, style, & above all things love.  The Rotunda at Chase Tower provided the perfect venue to celebrate these two and f8 Studio did a fantastic job of capturing images from this event!

The Bride wanted to include her Persian culture by performing the tradition of the Aina Misaf, or Mirror Ceremony at the traditional Wedding Table.  Each item on this table had a special meaning in order for Shamsia & Brad to begin full & rich lives together.  In the Persian culture the mirror represents the mirror of fate and the candles are said to bring the couple’s abundant & bright future through the reflection of its flame in the mirror. The flowers, sugar cones, & sweet drinks are there to represent prosperity & to ensure that the couple lives a sweet & beautiful life together.  Happily married members of the Bride’s family held a beautiful silk scarf over the Bride & Groom throughout the ceremony to bless the couple.  The henna is a symbol of a fresh new & passionate life.  It is said that the darker the henna stains, the richer your life will be & the deeper your love will grow.


After the Aisa Midaf Ceremony, the two exchanged rings & said their “I do’s!”  Then, we got to see two cultures form into one as the Irish Hand Fastening was preformed to honor of the Groom’s Irish culture & traditions.  This is an ancient celtic custom where the Bride & Groom’s hands are tied together with a rope to symbolize coming together & staying together.  The most beautiful words were read explaining how one another’s hand should guide, protect & comfort each other throughout life, giving unspoken tenderness with just a touch.  This sweet Irish tradition is where we get the term “tying the knot!”

After the ceremony, guests headed up the grand staircase where the gorgeous art-deco chandelier set the tone for the whole event.  The reception was reminiscent of old Hollywood glam with a modern twist, using mixed metals, glass candelabra, & feathers to liven things up in the ballroom!  The couple’s candy bar was one of the best I’ve seen, carrying out the mixed metal motif with each sweet treat!  The Bride’s cake was grand & traditional with a gold satin sash around each layer & finished with an embellishment to give it that touch of glam the Bride was looking for!

Once the newlyweds shared their final dance to reflect on the perfect evening, guests made their way downstairs & it was time for everyone to say goodbyes & send well wishes to the happy couple.  The Bride’s father performed a traditional sash tying ceremony before his daughter left with her new husband.  The green ceremonial belt was tied around the Bride’s waist to mark the passage from childhood to adulthood.  This is a right of passage and is a very significant ritual for the traditional Persian Bride.  The couple ran through the tunnel of guests into their new lives together as one!

Real Wedding: Hancock – Esakoff Wedding

It’s time for another Real Wedding post!  We can’t wait to share all the details & gorgeous images from one of our favorite Fall 2013 weddings shot by A Guy and a Girl Weddings.

Chloe and Eric’s modern meets whimsical wedding reflected each of their fun & easy-going personalities.  The floral & greenery looked as if it was picked right from the garden, giving off a very organic vibe.  It was important for this Bride & Groom to share everything they love with the people they love most.  And they did just that!

This sweet couple works together in the graphic design industry and they are responsible for designing the incredible paper products featured below.  I just love how they continued their personalized Monogram & Laurel Wreath motif throughout their invitations + programs + menus + & even their customized photo backdrop.

 The backdrop alone is truly personal; combining their two families in the finest chalkboard fashion!  What sweeter way to honor your family than with the perfect photo-op!

They cut into the sweetest little cake with rosemary detail and provided quite the dessert spread for their guests to choose from. This coffee loving couple even shared their favorite beans with a fully-stocked coffee bar!

The couple danced the night away with their nearest & dearest and topped it all off with a personalized gift for their guests!  The celebration came to an end, leaving guests with the couple’s personal favorite coffee beans to remember their special night.

This was a truly personal celebration & we hope you love every detail that we carefully & personally planned for this amazing couple!

We’ll be sharing even more pictures from this event on our Facebook page later this week so be sure to check back!

Real Wedding: Hernandez – Mehta Wedding

We always enjoy working with couples from all different cultures, backgrounds, and religions to plan the wedding that will suit them perfectly. Sometimes that even involves incorporating multiple traditions into one day–and we love being the team to make that happen!

Alicia and Amit came to us with this exact request: they wanted a wedding day that brought together his Hindu culture with her Catholic upbringing and ended with a fabulous party like no other! We wasted no time at all and jumped straight into planning their all-day affair that lasted from sunup to sundown! Thankfully we had Jenny Martell Photography on our team to capture every single fabulous detail–check out the pictures below!


To start off the day, everyone dressed in traditional Indian attire to prepare for the Baraat, Hindu ceremony, and luncheon which all took place at the Hyatt Regency Dallas.


The Baraat took place outside with Amit riding in on a horse, surrounded by fun music, bright colors, and dancing wedding guests!


After being greeted by the bride’s family, Amit and the entire party headed inside to find their places before the ceremony began. The rich, opulent decor was the work of Elegant Affairs.


The entire ceremony was absolutely beautiful–and take a look at the adorable couple!


After many pictures and a delicious luncheon provided by Saffron House, guests were given an afternoon break while the bride, groom, and wedding party started all over again–hair and makeup by Elan Makeup Studio for the ladies, and a wardrobe change for everyone was in order!


Alicia and Amit shared a sweet “first look” in the beautiful courtyard at Christ the King Catholic Church before the day’s second ceremony began!


These stunning bouquets were created for Alicia and her bridesmaids by the incredible Bella Flora!


And we just had to include a picture of the precious little flower girls–aren’t those bows adorable?!


After the ceremony, guests headed to the reception at Union Station where they were greeted by more of Bella Flora‘s gorgeous floral and decor work!


The entire room was absolutely breath-taking–take a look at all the amazing details!


Southern Fried Paper took care of the paper products for the event and even created the classy custom monogram that you can see on the invitation below. It’s a double “A”–for Alicia and Amit, of course!


The head table was positively stunning!


The cake from Romano’s Bakery was the perfect complement to the decor and tastefully incorporated the custom monogram and just the right amount of floral accent!


Once the bride and groom arrived, the party really got started! From dancing to cake-cutting, to toasts and more dancing, the evening was a perfect celebration!


If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to watch the incredible highlight video from this wedding that we shared on the blog a couple months ago! Candlelight Films worked hard all day to capture each and every detail and we were blown away!


As always, we’ll be sharing even more pictures from Alicia and Amit’s wedding on our Facebook page so don’t forget to check it out later this week!

Sneak Peek: Cho – Lee Wedding

The photographers that we work with will sometimes send us a sneak peek with a few fabulous images immediately after a wedding and when we saw these pictures from a wedding we did a week and a half ago, we knew we just had to share right away!

Joseph Mark Photography was the mastermind behind these stunning shots from Anna and Charles’ Arlington Hall wedding–take a look below and watch our Facebook page later this week for a video sneak peek as well!


How stunning is this reception shot?!

Absolute worked their lighting magic and The Garden Gate brought their A-game to really make the room shine!


And we HAVE to mention Downtown Fever–they were the band behind this non-stop party!


We are so in love with these adorable pictures and can’t wait to share even more in a Real Wedding post soon!

Real Wedding: Maten – Studenko Wedding

When it comes to creating an Inspiration Page for a new event, one of the first things we do is send the client a detailed Design Questionnaire so we can get to know their style. From this questionnaire, we can find out all kinds of helpful information–everything from their favorite colors and flowers, to where they like to shop and what kind of furniture and decor they have in their home. We often pull ideas from this to create an Inspiration Page for their event that is not only beautiful, but will also speak to their interests in some way or another!

When our bride Rachel submitted her questionnaire, we found out that she loved hot pink and bright colors, that she owned many colorful, abstract paintings that she liked to pair with old, oriental rugs, and that she was a huge fan of her collection of blue and white china. We took all the information and came up with this bright and cheery Inspiration Page that she fell in love with!

… and here is how we turned it into the wedding of her dreams!

Rachel and Scott’s ceremony and reception both took place at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel and Joseph Mark Photography was on-site to capture every detail!


Southern Fried Paper created all of the paper products–including these coordinating programs and the stunning pink invitations.


The girls’ dresses and bouquets truly brought the colors to life!


Rachel loves butterflies and so to help incorporate those into her day, we brought in Absolute to set up this gorgeous display!


During cocktail hour, guests found kissing bells with this sweet poem on the back of each of their escort cards.


The Crescent created this simple, yet beautiful piece of cake artwork using the colors of the day in a fabulous ombre design!


Once in the ballroom, guests were met with this view:


All the incredible floral and decor (including those gorgeous bouquets and the ceremony chuppah and decor) was done by none other than Branching Out–isn’t it breath-taking?!


We brought in linen and chargers from BBJ and those crisp, white chairs from Ducky Bob’s to complete the look.


And then the party began!

… and they lived happily ever after.


Make sure you check out this highlight video of their day from John Christopher Photographs that we shared on our blog back in December!

And remember to check our Facebook page later this week to see the rest of the pictures!