Real Wedding: Seaton – Embry

We’re (at the edge of our desk chairs) excited to share this majorly pretty real wedding with you! From the get go, our precious AYW bride, Sara, hoped her vows and the celebration that followed would evoke a certain aesthetic: organic elegance + simple romance. Sara and Austin’s September wedding was all of the things- meaningful, sweet, painstakingly gorgeous, fun, and indeed… full of organic whimsy, simple elegance, and dazzling romance. The pair said “I do” before two hundred and some of their beloved friends and family at Royal Lane Baptist Church’s altar and then rode to downtown Dallas staple, the Dallas Museum of Art, for an evening full of merriment.

The reception’s decor turned out absolutely stunning. A handful of our favorite design details: a farmstead-style head table, complete with billowing greenery and tall, full floral arrangements of crisp white + green blooms courtesy of Bella Flora; cool and chic ghost chairs provided by Bella Acento, accompanying a mix of round and square dining tables for guest seating; a simplistic, bright cake by Panini Bakery, adorned with dainty sprigs of greenery; and, those sparkling, sea foam bridesmaid’s gowns- perfect! Take a look at the top-notch photographs below, thanks to the talented Heather Hawkins, and be sure to check back on our Facebook page later this week for a full album from Sara + Austin’s soiree!

AYW Exclusive: How to Have a Flawless Hair & Makeup Trial

One of the most fun decisions our brides make during the wedding planning process is choosing their hair and makeup artist for their big day. This decision making process is, typically, just that- a process. After all, what a bride looks and feels like on her wedding day is hugely important. So, choosing someone who will effectively capture the look + feel you’re hoping to step out in on the most special (and most photographed!) day of your life- takes a little time, effort, and careful consideration.

Hair and makeup trials can be scheduled as you are in the process of choosing your stylist, and/or after you’ve booked a particular HMU artist. In the case of the latter, a trial run is performed weeks before your wedding day to ensure that the hair and makeup style you have in mind is exactly how you envision it to be. For either occasion, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you have a flawless hair and makeup trial:


Photo by: Allison Davis

1. Be prepared for a fee: often, a trial run will cost you. However, in many cases, this fee may be waived or included in your final quote should you decide to book with the stylist.

2. Schedule your trial on the same day of your bridal or engagement portraits- this way, you get the most bang for your buck! Having your hair and makeup done professionally for your photo shoot..winning!

3. Wash and blow dry your hair the night before. Your hair will retain enough moisture over night to hold styling well, without being too dirty.

Photo by: Edmonson Weddings

4. If possible, wear white. Mimicking the color and neckline of your wedding gown gives you a more accurate vision of what your hair and makeup will look like on your actual wedding day.

5. Bring photos! Pictures of hair and makeup styles you really like or dislike, along with pictures of your wedding dress, give the stylist valuable aesthetic guidance.

6. Limit the number of people you bring along. Too many voices of opinion can create chaos.

Photo by: Mary Beth Tyson

7. Bring your bridal accessories, if you have ‘em. It’s hugely helpful to see how certain hair styles pair with your veil, headband, jeweled clips/pins, etc.

Photo by: Rocky + Sara Garza

8. Be explicit about what you want- don’t be afraid to say you dislike something the stylist suggests. After all, it’s your wedding day! The HMU artist wants you to be completely satisfied.

9. Take note of which products the stylist uses. It’s never a bad idea to purchase mini-bottles of must-have products to have on hand for touch ups before the reception!

10. Take pictures during the trial of each hair or makeup style you try for future reference.

Photo by: Amy Karp

12. If you’ve definitely decided on a particular hair or makeup look, ask the stylist if there are any particulars you could be doing in the months + weeks leading up to your wedding day. Would it be helpful to have your hair cut or highlighted a certain way to enhance an up-do? Any expert tips for extra glow-y bridal skin?

13. Pay attention to your post-trial look. It’s important to see how long your hair and makeup stays photo-ready after styling and application!

Photo by: Amy Karp

Trending: Head Dressing

We love talking trends in bridal style, and, as of late, we’ve had our eye on unique ways of head dressing. Be it a vintage-inspired hair comb, crystal headbands or hair wreaths, over-the-top veils, or incorporating floral into an up-do; we
so enjoy seeing the diversified ways brides choose to complement their wedding day look! Today, we’ve rounded up a handful of the adorning accessories that are inspiring us, in hopes that they’ll inspire our lovely brides-to-be…


Ruffled Blog, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Posh by Kat

Toni Federici, Lucinda May Photo, Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy, BHLDN, US Weekly

Toni Federici for Watters,, BHLDN

Toni Federici for Watters, Toni Federici, Toni Federici

Looks We Love: Bridal Braids

Each season, we purvey a beauty trend or two that begs to stick around for awhile. Braided updo’s and face-framing accents have done just that. We believe it has something to do with their wild versatility. Braids, contrary to the “bohemian-only stereotype” they may have carried around in years passed, can be customized to create a wedding day look that combines fun and whimsical with formal.

We’re big fans of styling our brides and their maids with braided up-do’s of varying forms and textures for hair that offers charm, functionality, and stability throughout a full day of wedding festivities. And an AYW planner’s tip: bring photos of your most-loved braided looks to your day-of-wedding hair stylist BEFORE your wedding date for a trial run. It’s best to experiment in advance and let an industry professional create an individualized look that best suits your facial features, bridal style, and personal preference.

We skimmed the inter webs to find unique braided styles that best struck our fancy. Scroll on for some serious ‘braided meets bridal’ inspiration…

Photo Credits: From top left- 1. Zoe Lonergarn Photo, 2. My Day, 3. My Day, 4. Lindsey Shaun 5. Betsi Ewing Studio 6. BHLDN & Nick Dale Photo, 7. BHLDN, 8. Barefootblonde, 9. Barefootblonde, 10. Bridal Musings, 11. Society Bride, 12. Tracy Melton Artistry

Gaga for Gatsby

With the recent premiere of The Great Gatsby movie, the 20s are roaring in everyone’s minds. There’s something appealing about Daisy’s sweet and glamorous style that makes every girl want a chance to party with Mr. Jay Gatsby. Why not make your wedding feel like a Gatsby party? The headbands worn by the women of the 20s are beautiful accessories to glam up any wedding gown.

Walking down the aisle with a sophisticated and dramatic rhinestone headband will captivate your wedding guests and instantly transport them back to the 20s. Head pieces like the one pictured above can be found on websites like Etsy or can even be a simple DIY project.

You can achieve many different looks with these statement accessories. The gold in this headband pairs beautifully with the sweet ivory gown and the leaves give the overall look a more Bohemian and natural feel.

White lace headbands are a soft and simple way to pay tribute to the 20s without going too “over the top”.

If “over the top” is your middle name, feathers and jewels are the perfect way to add some drama and a bit of a vintage flair!

Some of the best photos from the big wedding day are taken taken candidly from the back. What better way to wow the camera than with an oversized yet delicate bow?

In the words of the great Mr. Gatsby, “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!” You can send your guests back into the glamorous past using your hair accessory as an exquisite inspiration or as a fresh perspective on an old style. Whether you are a dramatic or simple bride, a Gatsby inspired headband is a beautiful addition to any wedding look.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ideas on how to incorporate this theme into your big day. Here at As you wish… we can help you come up with the perfect design to transport your guests back to the roaring 20s with a Gatsby-inspired soiree!

Photos by: Etsy, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Stylish Wedding Ideas, Hannah Mia Photography, and Women24

The Crowning Touch

Her gown was white, as was her veil. She carried a simple bouquet of white roses as well. …All the better to showcase that show-stoppinghair piece!

When Carrie Bradshaw, a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker, made her grand wedding entrance in the film version of Sex and the City, all eyes were on her stunning feathered hair ornament. In jewel-toned shades of turquoise, emerald and amethyst, it added a touch of old-Hollywood drama with a modern-day, fashion-forward twist. Simply put, it made the look – so how about adding a special crowning touch on your day, too?
There is nothing wrong with the tried-and-true tiara, but how about something sassy, something stunning, something sexy? Consider the following options when planning your look, and you’re sure to make as grand an entrance as Carrie herself!

Headbands: Whether delicately thin and diamond-studded or wide and covered in cream-colored lace, a headband offers many opportunities for customization and coordination with your dress. In combination with an up ‘do or dramatic side part, they add a special touch to a formal look.
Hats: Channeling Jackie O.? How about a 1920’s-era flapper? Small hats are all about personality. A pillbox-style hat with a small attached veil is especially stunning on a bride with short hair. Choose a shimmering finish for added flair.

Floral and Feathers: Sometimes called “fascinators”, hair ornaments featuring feathers, flowers or other eye-catching decorations are a low-maintenance way to add drama to any hairstyle. Tucked into a chignon, an oversized lily or gardenia is stunning. A jeweled comb, depending on the scale, can be either demure or daring. Size is the key in this category.
Mix It Up: Use two or more of these options together to create a one-of-a-kind look. Abigail Barnett-Luby (pictured above and left) illustrates this strategy beautifully. On her day, this bride combined a relaxed, wavy bun, a floral “fascinator” and a small veil to create a look all her own.
Links: Here are links to just a few of my favorite hair accessory sites. Happy shopping!
Until next time,