Trending: Adding Au-Naturale Elements to Your Wedding Day

The initiative to “go green” is widespread in the current day and age, impacting industries of every shape and size; the world of weddings being no exception. We’ve found many an opportunity to devise creative and tasteful wedding design alternatives that help to reduce the overall carbon foot print of an event for the eco-aware bride and groom. So today, as a small token of our appreciation to Mother Earth, we’ve rounded up a few on-trend ways to incorporate eco-friendly elements in the design and execution of wedding celebrations. Scroll on for some au-naturale wedding inspiration!

Photo by Bradford Martens

To reduce the amount of paper dedicated to an event: display the dinner menu on a single mirrored or chalkboard surface in place of a menu card at each place setting; or select a paper designer that offers the option to print your stationary and day-of paper products on recycled paper!

Photo by A Guy and A Girl Weddings

Photo by Andrew Chan Weddings

Minimalistic and earthy floral installations and decor, like the table runner of lush greenery and the terrarium pictured above, reduce the amount of fresh flowers often thrown away the day after the wedding and breathe understated beauty to the look and feel of an event. Another option is to consider repurposing ceremony flowers into the reception space!

Photo by A Guy and A Girl Weddings 

Favors- like these coffee beans packages in recycled paper, stamped bags- present a great opportunity to combine a couple’s personality with an environmentally friendly notion. Sending your wedding guests home with something they’ll actually use or consume is key.

Photo by Andrew Chan Weddings

This As You Wish bride opted to place a charming and bio-degradeable coaster at each place setting. Say “thank you” to your guests with coasters that double as plantable flower seeds- how neat is that?!. Your loved ones will take home a token of natural beauty to remember your special day for seasons to come!

Photo by Edmonson Weddings

Perhaps one of the most popular “green” alternatives to involve in a wedding is biodegradable flutter-fetti as a toss item for the newly-wedded couple’s exit. A bonus: it photographs well!

Trending: Head Dressing

We love talking trends in bridal style, and, as of late, we’ve had our eye on unique ways of head dressing. Be it a vintage-inspired hair comb, crystal headbands or hair wreaths, over-the-top veils, or incorporating floral into an up-do; we
so enjoy seeing the diversified ways brides choose to complement their wedding day look! Today, we’ve rounded up a handful of the adorning accessories that are inspiring us, in hopes that they’ll inspire our lovely brides-to-be…


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Toni Federici, Lucinda May Photo, Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy, BHLDN, US Weekly

Toni Federici for Watters,, BHLDN

Toni Federici for Watters, Toni Federici, Toni Federici

Life of a Bride: Unique Takes on the Typical “First Look”

It’s been a great debate amongst brides since the alternative to age-old tradition hit the wedding scene: to do a First Look with your groom, or not. We’ve seen insanely sweet groom reactions and hugely successful couple photographs turn out in both cases. Like every element of your wedding day, we believe the decision to see each other before the ceremony is a matter of personal preference.

Today, we thought we’d share some of our As You Wish couples’ First Look photos that have kept our cheeks sore from smiling… AND some creative, alternative photo options if you’re considering opting out of a typical First Look between a bride and groom.

How precious is this blindfolded take on the “First Look?” It was so fun to watch the groom blindly reach for his bride’s hand.

Photographers helped to stage these “First Moments” around the corner of open door ways.

The sweetest! These Mothers + Fathers of the bride had unforgettable reactions upon seeing their daughter in her gown.

These brides chose to do a big reveal for all their maids- an adorable photo-op.

What will you choose to do on your wedding day?!

Photo Credits, in order of appearance: Leslie Spurlock Photography, Christographer, Sara & Rocky Photography, Jonathan Ivy Photography, Joseph Mark Photography, A Guy and A Girl Weddings, Creative Shotz Photography, Jenny Martell Photography, Allison Davis Photography, Joshua Aull Photography, The Three Photography, Sarah Kate Photography, f8 Studio, Mary Beth Tyson Photography

Looks We Love: Bridal Braids

Each season, we purvey a beauty trend or two that begs to stick around for awhile. Braided updo’s and face-framing accents have done just that. We believe it has something to do with their wild versatility. Braids, contrary to the “bohemian-only stereotype” they may have carried around in years passed, can be customized to create a wedding day look that combines fun and whimsical with formal.

We’re big fans of styling our brides and their maids with braided up-do’s of varying forms and textures for hair that offers charm, functionality, and stability throughout a full day of wedding festivities. And an AYW planner’s tip: bring photos of your most-loved braided looks to your day-of-wedding hair stylist BEFORE your wedding date for a trial run. It’s best to experiment in advance and let an industry professional create an individualized look that best suits your facial features, bridal style, and personal preference.

We skimmed the inter webs to find unique braided styles that best struck our fancy. Scroll on for some serious ‘braided meets bridal’ inspiration…

Photo Credits: From top left- 1. Zoe Lonergarn Photo, 2. My Day, 3. My Day, 4. Lindsey Shaun 5. Betsi Ewing Studio 6. BHLDN & Nick Dale Photo, 7. BHLDN, 8. Barefootblonde, 9. Barefootblonde, 10. Bridal Musings, 11. Society Bride, 12. Tracy Melton Artistry

Life of a Bride: Ceremony Traditions

 There are endless ways to orchestrate a wedding celebration that is specific and unique to you and your groom. Today, we’re talking creative ideas to make your ceremony stand out.

Choosing to participate in an out-of-the-ordinary ceremony tradition transforms any environment into an intimate and personal one for your guests. We have seen our fair share of distinct traditions performed during ceremonies by As You Wish brides and their loved ones. Today, we’re sharing a tradition or two that we’ve seen for ourselves, as well as a few that we are inspired by and would love to share with our brides-to-be.

Incorporate any of the following ideas into your wedding day- you’ll give your guests a lasting memory to reflect upon, and begin a tradition that you and your husband-to-be will cherish for the rest of your lives.

The Unity Candle

Lighting a unity candle is a favorite tradition among As You Wish brides. It’s a simplistic and elegant touch to any ceremony, no matter the location. The bride and groom’s families light separate candles. During the ceremony the bride and groom unite the outside flames ,representing their separate families, into one center candle – a picture of the union formed between two families in the couple.

The Unity Wish Lantern

This tradition brings the same theme of the Unity Candle into play, but is more particular to outdoor ceremonies that take place after dark. The bride and groom’s respective parents write their hopes and well wishes for their children on paper lanterns. The pair then writes their own wish on a separate lantern. Both families and the bride and groom release the lanterns into the sky in unison. What a fresh and whimsical way to symbolize the union of two families!

Candle Lighting

This classic tradition gives all of your guests an interactive role in the ceremony. Each person is given a candle, and is directed to begin passing their flame along, beginning with the last row of guests and disseminating to the first row. Then, a parent of the bride and groom passes the flame along to the couple, who proceed to transfer their separate flames to a final, single candle. The eventual illumination is symbolic of the togetherness the bride and groom are celebrating among their family and friends who have greatly influenced their paths.

Love Letter Wine Box

This is an increasingly popular tradition that has traveled to the United States from abroad. It consists of a wine box containing two keys, wine glasses, and stationary. The couple’s favorite bottle of wine is added to the box, and the bride and groom write each other letters, sealed in individual envelopes, to be placed in the box during the ceremony. The officiant will explain the purpose of the box and the letters to the guests, and then the box is locked until an opportune time in the duo’s marriage. Perhaps a fifth anniversary, or at any such time that a reminder of the vows they took is needed.

Blessing Stones

Another unique ritual that invites wedding guests to actively participate in the ceremony, in which round, flat stones are distributed to everyone upon their arrival at the event. Each guest is instructed to write a well wishing on either a separate slip of paper or the stone itself during the ceremony. In a preferred form or fashion, whether during or after the ceremony, guests toss their blessing stones into a water-containing vessel, share their blessing with the bride and groom, and the wishful letters to the couple are collected into a basket. If your ceremony is to take place near a body of water, a neat variation of this tradition would be to have guests toss their stones into a pond, lake, or ocean. There is a multitude of creative avenues to personalize this sequence; such as coordinating the appearance of the “stones” with the wedding decor (colored stones, jewels, etc), or gathering the stones in a vessel that the couple can display in their home and reflect on for years to come.

Blending of the Sands 

There are two vases of sands present at the ceremony, each varying in color, representing the bride and the groom’s individual personalities. Accompanying the smaller vases, there is a single large vase, into which each individual’s vase of sand is poured. This succession shows that although both individual’s sands are combined into one vessel, each vibrant color is evident, just as two differing personalities are complemented in marriage.

We’ve detailed just a few of the many potential traditions you could perform during your wedding ceremony. All of them have the same end goal: to create a lasting and cherished day for yourselves and your families.

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Color Crush: Ocean Blues

This week’s color crush has us dreaming of little umbrellas in our cocktails and white sand between our toes!  To create for ourselves a (virtual) break from this sweltering Texas heat, we’ve put together a little summer wedding inspiration… our muse: the Great Blue Sea.

In the same way that we can’t turn down a view that involves strikingly clear waters, we’re head over heels for the aqua and turquoise tones that compose an ocean blue wedding design scheme. A serene mix of blue in your ceremony and reception décor gives your guests the notion that they’ve come for a romantic weekend escape.

Be as bold as you’d like with bright blue jewel tones like cobalt and cerulean, or keep it breezy with soft, muted azure shades. There are various ways, significant and subtle, to incorporate ocean blues into your color palette. The possibilities are as limitless as the sea itself!

We’ve put together a paradise-inspired design page, so grab a little umbrella for your drink and take a look!


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Color Crush: All White Everything

Our planners have found that wedding design inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere. Fashion and lifestyle trends are no exception! We love to take note of current clothing and accessory crazes as we’re designing each bride’s dream wedding.

Our latest obsession: the crisp and clean vibe of a fresh, white color palette. There’s something totally bold and fabulous about the white on white ensembles seen as fashion staples this summer. We love the idea of translating this look to all-white wedding details. The simplicity of a white color palette can create a heavenly backdrop for your celebration. Don’t be afraid of the understated beauty that comes with this non-color design scheme – it just might constitute the most eye-catching wedding décor of all!

We’ve put together fabulous inspiration pages filled with all things white and ethereal. Take a look and be inspired!


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Trending: Manicure Matrimony

As You Wish planners are well aware that every last detail of our bride’s big day matters… even down to her fingers and toes. We’ve had our eyes on the soft and sweet manicure styles that will compliment every kind of ring-finger sparkle as you say, “I do.”

We believe every element of your wedding day look should be a reflection of your personality. Whether you choose to keep it classic with sleek and chic blush-toned polishes, take a walk on the wild side with dramatic pops of glitter, or meet somewhere in the middle… these nail art trends will have your hands beaming in manicure matrimony.

Take a gander at some of our favorites in current bridal manicure trends…

Go-to shades for an ‘au naturale’ look:

(Essie ‘She Said Yes’ and OPI ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’)

Add some interest to your favorite basic polish color:

Be inspired by the pastel tones in your bridal bouquet:

And if you aren’t afraid of a little glitz and glamour:

Choose the manicure that best suits your fancy and book yourself a nail appointment!

(Tip: take your bridesmaids along for an extra dose of girl-time before the big day.)

Photo Credits:

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Real Wedding: Jones – Holmes

This week’s featured “Real Wedding” was a favorite this past December & we can’t wait to share these fabulous images The Three captured from the event!

Danielle and Dave’s modern wedding was perfect for a brisk, winter event.   The bride & groom wanted their special day to reflect all the current trends while staying true to the season.  This color scheme was as cool as ice with rich navy hues & subtle hints of silver & white tucked away in every detail.  This beautiful wedding was held at Cityplace Events and the atmosphere did not disappoint.

The details throughout the event were over the top fabulous & coordinated perfectly with the bride’s color choice!  The tables were styled to perfection, creating an that sparkled.  The groom is responsible for the romantic lighting that set the ambiance for the whole evening.  This bride loves crafting & had a hand in designing every detail we executed for her!  The invitations, escort cards, programs, & coasters all decked out in silver glitter & navy blue.   The menu was a fun touch & set the tone for the party!  It really was the best day ever!

The bride’s cake was a trendsetter with the modern chevron detailing.  Danielle & Dave wanted to keep it simple with the cake & finish dessert off with milk & cookies.  The couple also had quite the candy bar for guests to grab on their way out the door; equipped with the most delicious chocolate cake balls, I might add!  The adorable details didn’t stop there, the couple had the cutest personalized labels made for their guests to remember the night.

We had so much fun planning this wedding & the look on the Bride & Groom’s faces at the end of the night, said it all!  This event was a party to remember!  The guests danced & celebrated the couple with confetti – And this couple danced until they dropped!

We’ll be sharing even more pictures from this event on our Facebook page later this week so be sure to check back!

Not Your Average Guestbook

The wedding guestbook is a crucial part of commemorating all of the family and friends who showed up to celebrate with you on your special day! While a traditional guestbook can still be beautiful, it has become increasingly popular to shake things up and come up with a unique way to keep track of all those sweet guests.

(Michelle Standerfer Photography)

Since our As you wish… brides always seem to be on top of the current trends, we’re here to share pictures from recent weddings we’ve done that have incorporated different ways to make your guestbook stand out!


For the World-Traveler Bride:

If you’re passionate about traveling or if you and your fiance were raised in different parts of the world, a globe that guests can sign is a terrific idea! Not only does it reflect your interests, but it also makes a great conversation piece once it’s on display in your home. People can choose to sign their names wherever they like, and you and your groom will enjoy searching for different names from all over the world!

(Geoff Duncan Photography)


For the Artistic Bride:

Thumbprint artwork has grown in popularity with websites like Etsy offering plenty of customized canvases that your guests can leave their mark on! The options are endless, so it’s easy to find a design that suits your style and once the wedding is over, you have a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to display in your home!

(Creative Shotz Photography)


For the Sentimental Bride:

If you’re looking for something with a little more sentiment, a place for your guests to share marriage advice is the perfect option! Whether you decide to use decorative branches to hang “keys to a happy marriage,” or a sweet little birdcage to house advice in the fun form of Mad Libs, going this route can be beautiful as well as offer your guests something fun to do during cocktail hour or the reception. By the end of the night, you and your groom have a stack full of well-wishes that you’ll treasure for years to come!

(Thisbe Grace Photography)

(Amy Karp Photography)


For the Photo-Loving Bride:

If pictures are more your thing, then incorporating some Polaroid cameras into your guestbook setup is the way to go! Guests can have a blast snapping a few shots, and then can stick them into a scrapbook and add their comments and well wishes. This leaves you with plenty of fun “behind-the-scenes” action to check out after the day is over and offers your guests a fun opportunity to keep on cheesing with family and friends!


For the Bride Looking for Something Different:

When it begins to feel like you’ve just seen it all, consider breaking out of the box and opting for a fun and simple option like a large, rustic letter or custom monogram for your guests to sign. Choose something that suits your style and then once it’s filled with signatures, find a place in your home that lets it stand out. It’s the perfect solution to keep your guestbook boredom at bay!

(Amanda McCollum w/ Lightly Photography)


For the Intellectual Bride:

A dictionary is a fun and interesting alternative for the couple that loves to get people thinking! Have your guests flip through the book and sign their name next to the word that they think best describes the you and your groom. Be prepared for all kinds of hilarious, sentimental, and just plain silly selections as you flip through your special keepsake long after the day has ended!


No matter what your style is, we would love to help you find or create the perfect guestbook option to complement your big day! Contact us if you have any questions about our services!