Elegant Cakes for the Budget-Conscience Bride

Allow your guests to literally get a taste of your style! Here are some tips to having a beautiful and luxurious wedding cake without breaking the bank.

Tie your cake in to the rest of the reception by decorating it with fresh flowers. Sugar flowers are time consuming and expensive for your cake designer to create. Forgo the faux flowers and opt for a fresh, cohesive look!

 Sometimes less really is more! Display a small, elaborate cake and have a sheet cake cut and ready in the kitchen for the catering staff to pass. That way, your guests can enjoy your cake immediately after you cut it. Want to take it to the next level? Ask your baker about satellite or styrofoam cakes. Bakers intersperse styrofoam layers with your real layers to create the illusion that your cake is larger than it really is. When you cut into a real cake layer in front of your guests, they have no reason to think it is made of anything but cake!

Don’t be a square! Square-shaped cakes may be visually appealing, but the distinct edges make it a bit harder to construct and it ends up costing you more. Traditional round cakes are elegant and cost efficient.

And for those that are really not that into cakes and just have a sweet tooth, skip the cake all together and have a tray of sweets available in a beautiful dessert display. This allows for variety and convenience.

At the end of the evening, your guests will have been “wowed” by a cake that you secretly saved money on. What a sweet deal!



Photos by:   Jennifer Yarbro Photography, Paul Ernest Photography, greenbrideguide.com, and dreamstime.com