Honoring those who have passed…

This month, we have been paying tribute to the research and awareness of Breast Cancer. Not everyone wins the battle against Breast Cancer, or is guaranteed another tomorrow for that matter. Honoring those who have passed at your wedding is always a sweet sentiment, and while putting a note in your program is nice, we want to suggest some ways to think outside the box and come up with some ways to truly celebrate their lives!

Here are a couple of ideas to celebrate life at your wedding:

Everyone loves seeing vintage photographs! Displaying a picture of Grandma in her wedding dress at your guest book before the ceremony is a great way to honor her in her glory days. Even better, if you have her old dress, display the dress along with photos! Below is an As you wish… wedding where the bride displayed many wedding pictures of her family members, including some that had recently passed. What a sweet way to remember them!

Signature drinks! If Grandpa Joe was a scotch drinker, offer his favorite brand at your bar, with a note to your guests in his memorial. Even better: Order a set of cocktail napkins with the same information, only to be served with that drink! For example…

Take soul food to a new level! Did your aunt make awesome chocolate chip cookies, or uncle love him some mac and cheese? Incorporating your loved one’s favorite dish during dinner or as a favor at the end of the night brings up some great old memories and conversation! If you are incorporating a special dish at dinner, note it on the menu card. That awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe would make a great favor with the dry ingredients in a mason jar, or a small bag of cookies with the recipe attached!

If your mom loved pink peonies incorporate those flowers in your bridal bouquet  Don’t worry about it matching your other decor or floral, it is a sweet subtle way to ensure your mom’s memory is by your side throughout the entire day!

Family dance! Dedicate a song to those who have passed and get everyone in the family on the dance floor! Have your DJ announce that “While the brides brother, Jeremy, has gone on before us, he would have requested this song be played tonight…” Make it something fun that really describes your loved one, it doesn’t have to be something Sara McGlalcen, if Jeremy loved ACDC make it Back In Black!


Let us know creative ways that you have incorporated lost loved ones in to your wedding. We would love to get your feedback! We are always looking for great ways to not just remember those who have passed, but to celebrate their lives!

Pictures by: Kym Skiles F8 Studios, Just a Little Nutty,