Let Them Eat Cake?

 The classic wedding cake has always been a staple at weddings around the world, but current trends have today’s brides searching for new and unique ideas that will set their wedding apart from the rest!

While some brides have chosen to keep the cake but personalize it into something that’s one-of-a-kind, other brides have gone in a whole different direction. So whether you’re looking for a fresh, new spin on the traditional cake-cutting or you just simply hate eating cake (is there really such a person?!), here are a few cake alternatives to get your wheels turning… and your mouth watering!


Small Cakes

If a giant 7-tiered cake is overwhelming to you or doesn’t seem to suit the fun, laid-back vibe you’re going for, consider selecting a few small cakes that still capture the design of your wedding and give you something to cut into without breaking the bank!



For brides that are already regulars at the local cupcakery, why not incorporate that love into a tower of cupcakes! The bride below selected individual cupcakes in her favorite flavors and then had a large, specialty cupcake made that they could actually cut into. If you’re wanting to forgo the traditional “cutting,” you could simply feed each other a cupcake instead!


Cake Balls/Cake Pops/Cake Truffles

Tiny, delicious balls of cake are definitely trending right now and are an easy way to get that cake taste in the perfect bite-size piece. Set them out on display, pile them up into a cake shape, or have them served individually to each guest–everyone is sure to love them!



If the taste of cake in any form is just not your thing, get creative and serve a tower of whatever it is that makes you smile–from donuts to creme puffs, macaroons to mini-pies–anything can be stacked into a beautiful wedding-worthy display!


Dessert Stations

Last, but certainly not least, if your sweet tooth is just too indecisive to narrow it down to just one item, go full force with an all-out dessert station! Include a small cake if you are wanting something to cut into, or take your pick of any other bite-sized delight to feed to your sweetheart. Anything goes! Your guests will thank you for the awesome selection and sugar overload!


No matter what direction you decide to take, when it comes to sweets, you really can’t go wrong!

Photos by: Kym Skiles with F8 Photography, Perez Photography, Jonathan Ivy,  Carter Rose with F8 Photography, Gary Donihoo with F8 Photography,  Elizabeth Anne Designs,  Ron Parks Photography, Kym Skiles with F8 Photography