Life of a Bride: Rain or Shine, How to Conquer the Threat of Rain on Your Wedding Day

We realize there’s plenty of expert advice strewn wide across the internet regarding outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, the risk of rain, and how to cope with impending weather. Because we’ve walked alongside many of our own AYW brides as they panic over the threat of rain on their outdoor wedding, we thought it may be beneficial to consolidate these recommendations into a single list of quick tips, from a planner’s perspective, to keep in mind when you’re coordinating an outdoor celebration…

1. Always, always have a plan:

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s the most comprehensive and assuring way to be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Keep the threat of rain in the back of your mind when choosing a venue. Realize that an outdoor wedding will always bear the risk of unfortunate weather, no matter the season your date falls in. If you’re dead-set on having any portion of your event outside, you must: have a Plan B, a Backup Plan, a Rain Plan, etc., etc., etc. The caveat: a Rain Plan could positively or negatively effect your budget, keep this in mind! Tents, while they’re fabulously functional, don’t come without coughing up an additional pretty penny, or two. In the months leading up to your wedding, and in the impromptu decisions that arise on the weekend of the event, be decisive. Make a decision regarding your Rain Plan, and stick to it!

2. Bring the outdoors in:

If the forecast does call for rainy skies, don’t fret: consider bringing the look and feel of the outdoors into a comfortable, climate-controlled space. it’s very possible to bring many of the elements of the outdoors that are so enjoyable, inside. Live trees, lush floral decor, floor-to-ceiling windows, and specialty lighting can create an indoor environment that mimics the aesthetic of an outdoor garden.

3. Trust the hired professionals:

In the event of rain, look to the vendors that you’ve hired to execute your wedding day successfully. It’s very unlikely that your wedding day is their first rodeo, and, chances are, they’ve dealt with less than ideal weather conditions on wedding weekends passed. For instance, trust that your photographer is able to handle his/her camera accordingly, and will likely capture even better color saturation in images taken under overcast skies. The staff at the venue will be able to foresee potential complications that come with rain and take action appropriately. And your wedding coordination team will ensure that the set up is redirected subsequent to the Rain Plan, the timing of the event stays on track, and your guests enjoy your celebration in equal fashion that they would had it been Plan A.

The gist: Weddings are, regardless of rain, sleet, or snow, celebrations. No matter the weather, you and your spouse will be married at the end of the day. Your families and friends have traveled near and far to celebrate you. The key is to keep these things at the forefront of your mind, and… smile! If the bride and groom are smiling, everyone is smiling. Your attitude about the changing circumstance, rain or shine, is the primary catalyst for a joy-filled day.