Life of a Bride: Unique Takes on the Typical “First Look”

It’s been a great debate amongst brides since the alternative to age-old tradition hit the wedding scene: to do a First Look with your groom, or not. We’ve seen insanely sweet groom reactions and hugely successful couple photographs turn out in both cases. Like every element of your wedding day, we believe the decision to see each other before the ceremony is a matter of personal preference.

Today, we thought we’d share some of our As You Wish couples’ First Look photos that have kept our cheeks sore from smiling… AND some creative, alternative photo options if you’re considering opting out of a typical First Look between a bride and groom.

How precious is this blindfolded take on the “First Look?” It was so fun to watch the groom blindly reach for his bride’s hand.

Photographers helped to stage these “First Moments” around the corner of open door ways.

The sweetest! These Mothers + Fathers of the bride had unforgettable reactions upon seeing their daughter in her gown.

These brides chose to do a big reveal for all their maids- an adorable photo-op.

What will you choose to do on your wedding day?!

Photo Credits, in order of appearance: Leslie Spurlock Photography, Christographer, Sara & Rocky Photography, Jonathan Ivy Photography, Joseph Mark Photography, A Guy and A Girl Weddings, Creative Shotz Photography, Jenny Martell Photography, Allison Davis Photography, Joshua Aull Photography, The Three Photography, Sarah Kate Photography, f8 Studio, Mary Beth Tyson Photography