Everyone tells you that the little details aren’t important and everyone else won’t notice them. I learned that the little details are important and you will [notice them] and you should take the time and effort to plan them out.

Sarah Bell | Bride

As Seen On

Real Housewives of Dallas: Season 2, Episode 3

We were so blessed and honored, and – let’s be real, so excited – about getting the call to help Stephanie Hollman, one of the Real Housewives of Dallas, plan her Halloween Party. From the moment we stepped in the door of her home, Stephanie and her assistant, Trey, welcomed us with open arms, and we all clicked from the get-go. They wanted to throw a Halloween Party that would be filmed for the show, and they needed it done quickly! In 3 weeks, we came up with a theme, designed the party, crafted the menu, booked the caterer, selected a photographer, ordered the paper products and sourced the valet, in addition to filming throughout. They loved my theme idea of “Bad Romance” where the guests would attend in costume dressed as a famous or “bad”/infamous couple. Stephanie and her guests went all out, and we can’t wait for you to see how the party unfolded on television! Special details included a chandelier graveyard, red and black glamorous yet spooky décor, dry ice smoky cocktails and “poison” candied apples!

Season 2 First Look

Say Yes to the Dress: Season 14, Episode 16

When it came time for Rachel to have her own wedding, the hardest part was finding a dress! Cut to flying to Kleinfeld in New York, New York with her mom, maid of honor and cousin in tow to meet with Randy Fenoli and Ellie Kirke in effort to find something edgy and out of the box. Having been in the industry so long, Rachel didn’t want a traditional gown, and Randy and Ellie selected several fun and different dresses that elicited quite a reaction! Tune in to find out what happens!