Real Wedding: Turner – Cole

This week’s exclusive real wedding brings you a couple who’s love transcends all boundaries of distance, time and.. international citizenship. Chris, British, and Caroline, Texan, met in Ukraine while serving with the Peace Corps. This sweet bride and groom patiently endured months of waiting and Visa-related paperwork, while anxiously dreaming of a wedding celebration where they would finally celebrate their future lives together with their families and friends. While Chris was across the pond, Caroline enlisted the help of As You Wish lead planner, Rachel, to design an urban-meets-bohemian-inspired event that would take place as soon as a very important piece of the puzzle arrived state-side: her groom.

Fast forward several months, and take a look at the photos that showcase their international wedding affair- bohemian, jewel-tone florals decked their urban venue with artsy flair. Their chosen venue breeds modern industrialism and creativity without much help, as Life in Deep Ellum is an art gallery and church combined. Posh Floral delivered exquisitely crafted floral arrangements that added a touch of nature with their protruding tree branches. And, artist, Abel Garcia, live painted during the cocktail hour, supplying guests with a unique form of entertainment and the couple with a valuable memento to take home with them. Special thanks to Nine Photography for the beautifully captured images!

Chris and Caroline’s full photo album will go live on our Facebook page later this week!