Signature Drinks

Drink Up!

Who doesn’t love a good refreshing drink during the cocktail hour of a wedding?  Selecting a “Signature Drink” has become very popular for the modern bride.  Whether you choose to simply match your color scheme, or select the cocktail you have sipped on your entire adult life, a “Signature Drink” is a fantastic way to add personality and fun to the cocktail hour.

 Color Scheme Cocktails

Matching the “Signature Drink” to the color palette of your wedding is a great way to tie everything together. In addition to the actual cocktail being the color of your event, you can also reflect your color scheme with the garnishes! At this gorgeous purple and grey As you wish… wedding, we paired a purple sugar rimmed glass with a grey striped paper straw for a fun twist!

Seasonal Cocktails

As a die hard Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte fan, I can only imagine the excitement of incorporating a seasonal drink into my own wedding. If you love the taste of peppermint in the winter or a lemonade mixer in the summer, a seasonal drink is always a good choice!

His and Hers Cocktails

Do you crave Cosmos while your sweetie prefers Jack Daniels and Coke?  If you and your future husband have different tastes, then having a “His and Hers” drink is the best way to go.  This is a great way to give your guests a taste of each of your personalities and allows them get to know each of you a little more!

Whether you decide to reflect the colors, the season, or the personality of the wedding, “Signature Drinks” are always a great way to add a special touch to any cocktail hour or reception.

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