Pint-sized Food… BIG Impressions

Is there a cuter (or tastier) sight to your wedding guests’ tired eyes than that teeny little slider sitting pretty with all of his slider friends at the buffet? How about a mini tomato soup shooter with an itty-bitty little buttery toasted grilled cheese triangle perched on top? The miniscule possiblities are endless, but these petite little morsels are sure to wow your guests (and you, bride!) in a GIANT way. Here are just a few of the heavy hitters in the diminutive food world that will get your mini food party started on the right foot:


The Boss – AKA the Slider:

These little guys are the perfect substitute to serving comfort classics at a more upscale event. You may shudder at the possibility of burger grease getting all over your guests’ brand new Jimmy Choos, but fear not! A baby bijou slider allows for the comforting, yummy burger flavor without all of the greasy, frock-ruining mess.


The Perfect Couple – AKA the Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Shooter:

Who doesn’t love (as a child or adult!) curling up on the couch on a rainy day with some steamy tomato soup and grilled cheese to boot? This is another example of a comfort food staple that can be “dressed up” in a small package. The tomato soup is all grown up in an elegant little shooter glass, while the grilled cheese has trimmed down to a sleek little triangle spear. 


The Health Nut – AKA the Mini Salad Cup:

Somewhere in the mix of burgers and fries and cheese, there has to be a healthy item, if for nothing more than for you and your guests’ conscience’s sake. That’s where the mini salad cups come into play. With fresh ingredients, and oftentimes served “decomposed” with the dressing in a little shot glass on the side, this item still has all the fun of the mini food gang but without the calories and guilt. And with all of the colorful veggie options, it can add a feeling of brightness and festiveness to the buffet table.


The Sweetie – AKA the Mini Milkshake Shooter:

Last but certainly not least, the elusive and luxurious milk shake shooter. With so many fun and luxe options for mini desserts, one of the most popular has got to be the mini shake. After a night of drinking and feasting, what better way to settle your stomach than a creamy, milky, mini shake or two? These shakes have a fun 50′s feel that scream nostalgia and old-world charm.


Here at As you wish…, we have jumped onboard the mini food train ourselves, oftentimes suggesting our guests go this fun, yet elegant, route when conferring with their caterers of choice. Here are just a few examples from some of our Real Weddings that have utilized this teeny and tasteful trend:


Nestled in ceramic spoons, these bite-sized ceviche bites were so festive and adorable for this outdoor reception at the Belmont…


At the Dobbelaer wedding, these little french fry cones made a late appearance, and then quickly disappeared in mere minutes…


These gorgeous creme brulee pots were a fabulous and modern alternative to the traditional slice of cake at this fun, DMA wedding…


Julie and Aharon treated their guests to these teeny waffle cones filled with kalamata olive whipped potato and roasted cherry tomatoes that were beautiful, delicious, and so creative…


Until next time, have a sweet, tasty, and tiny-food-fantasy filled afternoon!


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