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Today we’re talking cute and creative ways to ask your girls to stand by your side on the special day! Inviting your bridesmaids to be apart of your engagement and wedding can be an opportune time to let each of them know just how doggone lucky you feel to have them in your life.

Our rule of thumb for this girly affair: set the tone for your wedding as early as you can, and let your maids-to-be in on it! You’re going to need all the help you can get in the months leading up to your big day, and the more vitally important you make your loved ones feel, the more harmonious the planning process will seem.

We’ve scouted a few ideas that we’d like to encourage our As You Wish brides to employ as they invite their bridesmaids to be apart of their journey to the altar..

A Very Important Vessel

Start with a container of any kind- a heart-shaped cardboard box, a mason jar, whatever suits your fancy (check out for a whole host of unique, customizable jars and boxes). Next step- stuff it full of elements that pertain to your wedding day and your friendship. Get personal, and individualize each vessel for your bridesmaids-to-be. A must: include any design elements of your wedding that you’ve decided on. Snatch a few pantone color swatches from your local hardware store. (We love the idea of punching heart-shapes from color swatches specific to your design scheme!) Or, put together an inspiration page of your favorite pinterest finds and print it out for each bridesmaid- they’ll be just as excited about your ideas as you are! Even better, grab a bottle of nail polish that you’d have them wear on the wedding day. Stick in a gift card to their preferred coffee shop, their favorite candy bar, or sweet treat. Include a hand written note with some of the housekeeping details- the wedding date and location, the game plan for finding their attire for the big day, a list of all your bridesmaid’s names, etc. Surprise them with this little treasure left at their door step, or for out of town friends and family members, create a package full of love to be shipped their way (no breakables, though!)

Ask it in Icing

Let’s face it, no girl can say no to dessert. Hand deliver a cupcake from the most divine bakery in town, inscribed with your very important question: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” For out-of-town girls, see if their local bake shoppe does delivery!

Hit Two Birds with One Stone

Give a special bride-to-maids gift when you ask them to stand by your side, instead of waiting until the weekend-of the wedding. Dainty jewelry with each girl’s monogram is typically well-loved by all.

Make them Search for it

What we love about scavenger hunts: they’re sure to start the bonding process among different friend groups early on in the journey to the altar. Consider this idea if all of your bridesmaids live in the same city, and especially if not all of them have met. Corral all of the girls at a central location, and leave clues connected to you, your recent engagement, your future wedding, or your friendships with each of them to guide them to various locations throughout town. Have the final destination be a bar or restaurant where you can meet them and celebrate, drinks on you!

Put it on Paper

Calling all scrapbook lovers! Purchase specialty craft paper that mimics your wedding design scheme. Create a tabbed booklet, complete with photos of you and each bridesmaid-to-be, outlining the details of their maid-ship. Start by popping the big question on the cover of the booklet. Include a page for your color swatches, their wedding day attire, all of the bridesmaid’s names (phone numbers and emails are a good idea, too), the wedding date and location, other important known dates, etc. Conclude with a letter expressing your gratitude for them. Wah-Lah!

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